Monthly Archives: August 2009

Autism Advocacy For My Children

My journey has been quite remarkable.  Nothing in my life has ever made more sense to me than to work vigorously on my children’s behalf.  I’ve always said (in the case of my son) – when he was unable to articulate his needs for the first nine years of his life – that, ‘he may not be able to speak; but he certainly has a voice.’  I recognized immediately after my children’s diagnoses, what an extraordinary journey this was going to be.  I knew our lives would not mirror the lives of many of our friends and acquaintances.  I realized we were going to experience a lonely and difficult road ahead (sometimes excruciating).  I also understood that I would have to exert measured and calculated amounts of patience, communication, strategizing and follow-through, while advocating for my children.  I was prepared to accept all that, because I knew with great intuition and a tremendous sense of urgency, how precious time was and how vital it was for my beautiful children to receive early and continued intervention and support.  I was not willing to shortchange maximizing their development due to anger, fear, nor lack of knowledge on my part. I knew there would always be someone who had the skills to teach me, so I could in turn, teach my children.  I will be forever grateful to all who did.  I am very satisfied with the relationships I have cultivated with Educators, Regional Centers, Service Providers, and others, and the successful IEP’s we have produced on my children’s behalf.  This has really been the cornerstone of my children’s growth and progress.  It is humbling to know with absolute certainly, my purpose on this earth.  Purpose obligates us to act and has guided me to advocate for those with developmental disabilities on a daily basis. My children are an amazing, delightful, wonderful gift.  I’m grateful every day that I’m able to champion their cause.