Monthly Archives: October 2009

Future for Autistic Children

“We must become the change we want to see.”    I believe this famous quote from Mahatma Ghandi resonates in my Autism family.  I encourage my children to wear their diagnoses on their foreheads.  “We are an Autism family.” I oftentimes  declare, when my son decides to flap his hands or perseverate on an item in public.  Additionally, in private I continue to teach them the skills to survive.  I encourage them to communicate, in any way they need to in order to make their point.  I teach them how to assert their feelings.  A few years ago, a member of the staff at his school said “stupid” to him.   He came home and told me  “______________  said I stupid.”  So I took him with me and we sat down with this person and had a discussion.  I explained to them that my son felt it was not right to be called a name.   I had my son say this as well.  Of course, it was denied.  However, it never happened again and I asked him everyday for several months if he was called a name by anyone.  I continually empower my children to seek fairness.  I encourage them to accept who they are.  That they may have different way of learning and communicating, and that has value.  We have met many kind people who are willing to be supportive and helpful.  However, I feel it is important to convey to our children that they deserve respect and kindness and teach them how to reciprocate it.   To have standards of excellence and take the high road at all times.   This is all possible with an attitude of determination.   We must all band together to have an expectation of the change we want to see.