Monthly Archives: October 2012

Surviving Autism

Amazing!  My daughter is now 17 1/2, a senior and getting ready to graduate high school.  We’re looking at colleges and universities.  Her grades are phenomenal and she has been in fully integrated classes for the majority of her subjects; including core courses.  Exciting times ahead… and  just as importantly, great opportunities!   My son is turning 16 in less than a month and is a junior.  He is making great strides.

I’ve met a few parents with newly diagnosed kiddos who wear that same overwhelmed expression I recall so well!  I am blogging for you… giving insight and some great tips along the way.  It is my hope that I carve a path for you that will take you leaps and bounds above the strides we have accomplished as an autism family.  Also, whenever necessary or requested, I will hold your hands and give you some guidance to help you achieve success with ease, aplomb and confidence.