Monthly Archives: May 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

My sweet Sam, who is nineteen, was working on a College project due last week. She has two more weeks before this Semester is over and is working hard and maintaining a B in this particular class. So she was busy highlighting decadent aspects of the food item, getting a slammin’ photo and outlining the nutrition contents to put on the brochure she was creating. We were on a time crunch and when her ride arrived; got her off in the nick of time. Those of you with kids on the Spectrum will appreciate the fact that we were completing the project the day it was due. Nonetheless, during the entire time putting her project together, she was doing her best – quite successfully – to remain poised, and not have a tantrum outburst from frustration. Even though she had many challenges, she’d drawn on the skills being taught to her by her support Team, and remained relatively calm and focused on the task at hand. Her anxiety was clear to me, only because I am Mom. I was supremely proud of her… Her ability to self-manage! Moments after she left, I opened the refrigerator door and saw that she had placed the “Clorox Wipes” in the juice section and left her V-8 Juice container on the kitchen counter. A tangible evidence of her anxiety. It touched my heart…

I am frequently told that I am a great Mom. (Sigh/Gratitude) What fortitude I have to raise children with Special Needs… To be driven to educate others along the way! More often than not, I do not respond to the compliment because I do not know what to say. During those moments my thoughts are with many Moms whom I meet, seeking answers for their children with special behaviors and challenges. Who are leaving no stones un-turned trying to find solutions and oftentimes some semblance of peace for their family, at that moment. More importantly, Moms who realize that they are the glue that hold their family together… The core… And the rock. The only person who can effectively spearhead the effort necessary to make a difference in the life of their child/children. I meet these Moms and I am so appreciative of their efforts. So on this Mother’s Day, I pay tribute to them! To all Moms who care for and love their children unconditionally. Who walk the extra mile and do the “and then some” to help their kiddos with Special Needs, because that seem to be standard to attain effective outcomes. We are in an extraordinary club. YOU are are to be applauded!

On a personal note, I could not be more blessed, humbly favored, overwhelmingly grateful and tremendously proud, to be Mom to my children. The honor truly is mine.

And today my thoughts are with Gina Tidwell Jacoy… who lost her son Jerritt Van Es so unexpectedly on August 10, 2014. Words are inconsolable on a day like today. While our hearts weep for her in sorrow, I can only be grateful that she raised a beautiful son who showed kindness to mine. Jerritt left an indelible mark on my Zach! ¬†We will always remember him.