Monthly Archives: June 2015

When They Soar!

This is such a beautiful story… One of courage and determination!  When kids on the spectrum succeed, it gives us a collective feeling of pride and hope.  

I urge all parents to forge ahead in battle for your child!  My sincere wish is that we continue to have the courage and determination to seek out the best resources for our kiddos.  To never allow anyone to force us through the path of minimal achievement.  To remind everyone on our child’s team that the road less travelled by is simply a road.  And… because “that is the way it has always been done” does not mean it will apply to our son or daughter.

I see a world for our kiddos where they are fully integrated in society.  Where IEP’s and 504 Plans become the useful tools they ought to be.  Where society has a broader understanding and acceptance due to the resonance of our collective voices. Where all parents are informed and can become consensus builders and chief collaborative problem solvers on behalf of our kiddos.  Where all our kiddos can soar!  May be all experience that feeling!