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The Wand of Silence!

A Way To Experience Moments Of Peace And Quiet…

There are moments in your day or week or month when life gets overwhelming and you simply need time to yourself!  In those moments, an effective tool I’d like to suggest you utilize to achieve that goal, is the “Wand of Silence”.  Visual tools are very effective for kiddos on the spectrum.  You can create something similar for your home and call it whatever you like.

Here is how it works:

  1. Create your “Wand of Silence”.
  2. Have a Family Meeting show them the “Wand ” and explain to your kiddos that there are times when you need a break and you will ask for their support.
  3.  Explain to everyone… From Teenager to Toddler – and even Dad, if you must – exactly what will happen.  That you will hand them the “Wand” and that means total silence and quiet movements in their own space – bedroom or play area – until you come and take it back from them.  You may even want to write a Social Story to reinforce this idea to the kiddos.
  4. You may also need to explain to some kids who are literal in thinking, that they can come to you in an emergency and explain what that is in your home.
  5. Finally, after your five, ten, or thirty minutes of “silence” retrieve the “Wand”.  Remember to take a minute to praise heavily and show some appreciation to your children for their consideration.

For the best results, I’d recommend that you begin with very small increments of time, then build upon that.  I’d also recommend that you begin with no more than one break a week.  Remember, this should be used at times when you are in high stress.  It is not to be used for daily breaks or it will lose its effectiveness.  

Happy “Silence” & Peace!