“Organizing for Success” is an excellent workshop. It empowers me as a parent to be in control. Fantastic tools are taught in the classes. Nellie’s personal stories are fabulous. MW

Nellie is very informative, gives helpful tips and wonderful ideas. Funny… Gave me hope for my Autistic 11 year old. RR

My son and I have been to numerous Therapists and never before have heard about Social Stories… I think that is the link we have been missing. JS

I completely enjoyed this workshop. I would recommend this workshop for anyone who is willing to help better this world for all children on the spectrum. VC

A great experience with organization and tools that made my home a success. The behavioral improvement at my home and at school were noticeable right away. GB

Seeing and being explained the charts!  I knew slightly about the usefulness of organizational charts, but the examples shown today and their explanations were amazing!  BS

If you have ever felt frustrated with your child’s lack of organization, special needs or not, this program will give you and your child tools to decrease chaos, clutter and nagging.  TR

Swanky Brain opened my mind to a positive way to guide my children to independence.  TT

It is reassuring that other people deal with the same issues and that the positive reinforcement eventually ends in positive results.  MH

Very helpful to a CASA with a troubled Teen. HB

A very well put together Workshop.  The tools and advice is very helpful.  KO

Practical advice that families can use on a daily basis to improve family dynamics.  CB

Thanks to Nellie Valentine and Swanky Brain’s methods, my son’s meltdowns have diminished and our communication has improved.  RR