Anxiety Prevalent in Individuals on the Spectrum

You Are Your Child’s Expert!

“My 21 Year Old Autistic Son’s Heart Attack- Better Services needed for Adults with Autism

A week ago today my twenty one year old son with Autism and Intellectual Disability was undergoing an Angiogram.  This started when he complained of headaches three days prior.  I gave him over the counter headache medication.  By Friday evening,

Mental Health & School Shootings…

I thought I’d revisit this blog from my May Newsletter and post for my readers…  May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  No doubt it’s a time to give some attention to those suffering with this horrible affliction, sometimes in silence

How You Can Help a Family Supporting a Mental Health Patient

Ways You Can Help A Family Struggling With A Mental Health Illness   by: Nellie Valentine LISTEN Families are overwhelmed when supporting a loved-one with mental illness.  Dealing with the erratic behavior, which sometimes lead to unsafe situations for their loved-one

Hitting Hurts Others – Books with Behavior Strategies

A Social Story Book that offers behavior strategies…  by Nellie Valentine Many parents struggle with their children when they are exhibiting maladaptive behavior.  Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) often have a difficult time coping

Can You Make A Picture? Hand-washing…

I was reminding my eight year with ASD to please lather his hands with soap before putting them under the water pouring from the sink-faucet.  I was reminding him that lathering with soap and warm water is what actually cleans

The Eject Button!

My daughter takes the bus to college – she is not yet ready to drive – and each day can be colorful with the many passengers she encounters.  On day a couple weeks ago she came home and said to

This Is A Friend Social Story Book

Swanky Brain’s Social Story Books: Developed For ALL Readers Feature Vivid Illustrations Help Change Behavior Patterns Reinforce Social Skills Feature Language that Resonates with Readers Fun Reading & Learning that Engages and Sustains Over Tim Check out our books at

Making Summer Fun! Dancing to “Despacito” brings Joy!

Having four kiddos on the Autism Spectrum can make life challenging.  However with the supports in place in our home, my kiddos are truly learning balance and how to have FUN!  When I am taking the kids out and about,