3 Tips for New School Year Complaints

I read this great article at one of my favorite sites:  https://www.empoweringparents.com/blog/ By Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW “But I don’t want to start school!” I’ve heard my teenage daughter utter that phrase at least a thousand times in the past week. Well,

Social Story Books by Swanky Brain

Why Social Stories Work… Why do they work?  Here are a couple reasons:  Children on the spectrum are visual learners; so a Social Story with vibrant supporting pictures immediately resonates.  Just as important is the choice of words used in the

Josh’s Boredom Box

Winter School Break has begun…  I’d decided to spend the holidays at home relaxing, for a much needed r&r with my family. That’s before I realized that we have 3 weeks vacation!  Yikes!!!  Naturally, the dreaded “B” word was spoken

The Wand of Silence!

A Way To Experience Moments Of Peace And Quiet… There are moments in your day or week or month when life gets overwhelming and you simply need time to yourself!  In those moments, an effective tool I’d like to suggest you utilize

The Potty Party Bag!

Time Proven Tool in Behavior Modification! Today, it’s called “The Potty Party Bag!”  Sixteen years ago, it was called “The Telephone Prize Basket!”  My daughter is now twenty years old… when she was four I was Sales Director for a

“Empathy, Enabling or Empowering?”

Here’s what I know… I understand without any doubt or confusion that when my ten year old son is tantruming wildly, even sometimes ferociously; or when my daughter misplaces her homework yet again; or when my five year old son

When They Soar!

This is such a beautiful story… One of courage and determination!  When kids on the spectrum succeed, it gives us a collective feeling of pride and hope.   Link:The Boy Who Couldn’t be a Cub Scout I urge all parents

Happy Mother’s Day!

My sweet Sam, who is nineteen, was working on a College project due last week. She has two more weeks before this Semester is over and is working hard and maintaining a B in this particular class. So she was

Autism – A trick to curbing Rigidity

The ‘trick’ is anticipating!  Knowing what will come of new habits formulating.  Then, consistency in implementing a few steps.  Additionally, simply having a firm hand with an empathetic heart.  When my 10 year old tantrums – and I do believe

Connecting Feelings to Life Events

Part Two:   In my recent blog, I shared about supporting Adolescents with  Behavioral Disorders and Mental Illness in order to help them integrate in society, rather than become an outsider.   I shared that there are five areas on