Great STP Parent Report!

I have to share some wonderful news!  We had our son’s IEP today.  I went in prepared with a DRC form and all of my STP info.  The feedback we got from all of the attendees, was amazing.

His Teacher said that she has him strategically placed in the room where she has great eye contact with him.  She said his behavior has been excellent.  He is staying in his seat, raising his hand to participate,  & completing his class work.  The only times there have been minor issues are during recess when the campus supervisors are in charge, rather then the teacher. She even said that if she were to fill out the DRC, everything would be YES.  She also said that she has already seen how the extra praise / positive reinforcement helps him out during class.

The Psychologist said that in her observations this year, she has seen the same things as the Teacher.  He needs work on his fine motor skills because his writing is terrible.  An Occupational Therapist is going to do a thorough evaluation and he will be recommended for Occupational Therapy.  The Hughes Bill evaluation is being put on hold because of the improvement in his self management.  He will be approved for counseling this year, to just help him stay on track.

The Speech Therapist is going to recommend speech continue because our son really loves going to speech and being in a small group of only 8 people.  He lost his 4 front teeth this summer, so that has set his speech back a little, but once the big teeth grow in, she is sure he will get right back on track.

The Principal has always taken a special interest in our son, because he can see how sweet he can be.   The principal is going to continue to give him some extra attention to help keep him on track.

I attribute so much of this improvement to the STP, counselors that worked with him so diligently with him and the parent training that we attended.  I am so proud of our son, what he has accomplished and his great start to the school year.  I feel like shouting from the rooftop!