Social Stories

Reading Swanky Brain Social Story Books Reinforces Positive Behaviors

Social Story Books help individuals learn social rules and engage more successfully with others.  We learn social rules, guidelines, etiquette, laws and even taboos from childhood through adulthood.  We are taught these rules by parents, teachers, peers and others in various ways, in order to shape the way we interact with others.  Over time we learn to intuitively access these rules in any particular situation to successfully engage with others.

“Many of our social rules make no sense to individuals with ASD and our behaviors in certain situations may seem perplexing or sometimes frightening to them.  In addition, we work out our social problems quickly and intuitively while individuals with ASD do this through logic and deduction, which involves a different part of the brain.”  – Sharyn Kerr – PhD

Social Stories are a wonderful way of relaying a message to all children!  Swanky Brain Social Story Books give children with Autism, ADHD & other neurodevelopmental disorders a new perspective on a behavior, action or event.  Our books help change behavior patterns and reinforce social skills. We believe our language resonates with readers, who find the books engaging.  With repeated reading, the message sustains over time…

In our Social Stories Book series, we encapsulate events; situations with words and vivid illustrations, while infusing behavior strategies. This is a concrete way to shape perspective, bolster appropriate behavior, reinforce social skills, planning and organizing. Throughout the years, I have found that using Social Stories independently or as a part of a behavior plan; has been tremendously impactful and effective for my children!  Additionally, I believe that Social Stories make a profound difference as repeated reading increases comprehension and allows for sustainability of a changed or new behavior or habit.

Why I Write Social Story Books

I want to help children, adults and families with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodevelpmental disabilities.  I am enormously gratified when a parent says “my son wanted to read your social story books… He requested a book at bed-time!”  I believe that the language we normally speak is in some way foreign to many kids on the spectrum. What I have developed over the past twenty years living with my four kiddos on the spectrum is language that resonates with them. It can be the slightest nuance in a statement, phrase or direction. I decided to write Social Story Books to help shape the perspective of children on the spectrum. I want to be a difference-maker in the lives of struggling families facing a plethora of behavior challenges.

Why Social Stories Work

Why do they work?  Here are a couple reasons:  Children on the spectrum are visual learners; so a Social Story with vibrant supporting pictures immediately resonates.  Just as important is the choice of words used in the story. Also, all children retain information when it is repeated to them. So, when a Social Story is read repeatedly, it gives children an opportunity to process the positive messages.  This allow for a shift in perspective. Then, it becomes easier to take those messages and make them applicable to real life situations.  Scroll down below to see titles of our Social Stories. Visit our on-line Store (See Menu Bar) if you wish to purchase them.

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