The Eject Button!

My daughter takes the bus to college – she is not yet ready to drive – and each day can be colorful with the many passengers she encounters.  On day a couple weeks ago she came home and said to me:

“Mom, there is this passenger who keeps arguing with the bus driver.  Every time she gets on the bus, Mom.  He picks her up at the same stop and takes the same route every day.  Yet she argues with him to make this turn and go that way and if he went that way he would get to her house faster.  She argues from the time she gets on the bus until she reaches home.  I’ve heard the bus driver try to explain to her that he takes that route because it is easiest with traffic at that time of day but she does not listen.  That is when I use my imaginary eject button.”

“For what?”  I asked her.  She said, “I visualize her propelling out the bus!”

“Where does she go?” I asked.  I was secretly very concerned about this poor woman.  My daughter replied… “She lands at her dining table eating dinner.  That way she cannot talk and chew at the same time.  I am sure she talks at her family the same way she does the bus driver.  They need some peace too, Mom.”

I wanted to suggest earbuds to my daughter but thought better of it at the time… 🙂