The Potty Party Bag!

Time Proven Tool in Behavior Modification!

Potty Bag Picture

Potty Party Bag

Today, it’s called “The Potty Party Bag!”  Sixteen years ago, it was called “The Telephone Prize Basket!”  My daughter is now twenty years old… when she was four I was Sales Director for a direct sales company.  When my Clients would call, I needed her to settle…  It was impossible for her to sit still for a nanosecond and when I was talking on the phone, she wisely knew she could get my attention by climbing onto the kitchen countertop.  We developed a system around it.  It started with a Social Story whereby we simply stated the need for her to play quietly when Mommy was talking on the phone and also the dangers of climbing on the counter top.  Then when Mommy got off the phone, she could pick any prize she wanted from the “Prize Basket!”   The Telephone Prize Basket, was heavily adorned with ribbons and festive decorations and was placed on top of the refrigerator.

Today, my five year old son is being potty trained… So Theresa, his ABA Supervisor made this “Potty Party Prize Bag.”  Each time he goes potty on the toilet,a tremendous celebration ensues and then he gets to select a prize from “The Potty Party Bag!” Guess who mastered “The Potty” in a week?